Our Services

You pay a great price for an even better service.


Web Design and Development

We will use a website builder of your choice to create a stunning website.

Upon completion we will pass the website on to you to manage and use as your own.

During the process of building you will have access to watch your website go from a plain template to something that makes your business stand out!

How we go about this process is entirely up to you, usually the client provides images and a rough idea of the text to be placed in each section of the website.

If you do not have your own photos you can pay me an additional fee to come and take high quality photos for you, or, at no extra cost, we will source suitable images to put on your website.

We will keep changing the site until you are satisfied!

Logo Design

You can give us a rough idea of what you are looking for, or, you can give us freedom to play around with a few different looks.

The process usually follows 4 stages.

  1. A few varied styles will be sent to help indicate what sort of look we are going for.

  2. When a logo from stage one is selected (unless you are already satisfied) we will look into variations of that style, send them over for you to select one or give feedback to help narrow it down.

  3. The final samples will be sent and you can select your favourite design (or multiple if you wish).

  4. The selected logo(s) will then be formatted into different image formats (PNG, JPEG etc), rendered for different screen sizes and sent to you!

Business Cards

Get a business card that will be sure to draw immediate attention to anyone lucky enough to obtain it!

This process is simple, draw a concept and await us to bring it to life!

If you choose this service & the logo design service please enjoy 50% discount on the business card design!

The business card creation process is very similar to that of the logo however there may be less samples to choose from.

We design business cards, we do not source them.